Dan Jarvis. Photo by Chris Hershman.


Dan Jarvis

As a photographer and visual artist, Dan Jarvis has made great strides to becoming a truly unique & creative force.

Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, his fine art photographs explore over-commercialization and the growth of an unsustainable suburban ideal. He often takes an experimental approach to image making, both in materials used and in how he conceives his work. As a result, his work conveys a sense of both excitement and immediacy.

While Dan’s creative work is very strong—as evidenced by several prestigious student awards, including awards from the League for Innovation Student Art Competition and an Albert P. Weisman grant from Columbia College Chicago—he also finds great joy in documenting live concert performances, working within the Chicago music community, and using photography in a more commercial sense, to tell stories and make products (most notably, guitars) look incredible.

In his spare time, you can find Dan either photographing a show or growing the Midwest Action record label.

He currently resides just outside of Chicago, IL and works as Lead Photographer and Photo Department Manager at Chicago Music Exchange.