Documentary Project

The Dead Highway

The aim of The Dead Highway is to document life along the Lincoln Highway, a once historic road that was built to bridge the gap between New York City and San Francisco. The completed project will thoroughly examine the dichotomy of rural America as seen from this coast-to-coast highway. The work deals with affluence and poverty; beauty and ugliness; cities and farms; success and failure, new and old, and everything in between. Providing more questions than answers, these photographs express the central themes of unity and disunity, and propose the overarching question: are we coming together or falling apart? In the purest sense of the classic documentarian, I am not interested in reconciling these views of America, but merely to record them. In doing so I hope the work allows the viewer to examine the truths in each image without being seduced by purely scenic views. This on-going body of work currently focuses on the midwestern section of the Lincoln Highway.